Christie Cook is a singer/songwriter and recording artist whose passion is to communicate spiritual truth to others through her music. A talented lyrical storyteller, her music is refreshing because she addresses the human spirit not in the narrow sense of cliches and stick figures, but as an artist whose eye captures the true color of life. Released in 2013, Every Good Thing, was recorded in Nashville with producer Mitch Dane, who brings out her best in this light acoustic and non-cluttered production of songs. At the heart of her music the listener senses a maturity and passion of one who has actively searched out and has come to truly know God. The result is a deep message in her music that is as clear as Christie’s convictions, and as transparent as the truth she has come to know.

With her latest album Dia Maith (“God is Good”) released in 2015, Christie makes a departure from her original Christian songs to deliver an instrumental collection of celtic hymns and lively tunes; she is accompanied by friend and violin professor, Jennifer Dalmas. The fiddle guitar project features inviting arrangements to please listeners of any age. Highlights include the mischievous, fiddle-centric “Handsome Young Maidens, Mug of Brown Ale,” the beautifully reverent “Be Thou My Vision,” and a grassy, downright joyful working of “amazing Grace.” The latter, featuring guest western swing fiddler Kevin Carter, pulls listeners from a pensive, tender start to a lively and rewarding end.

Christie presently performs her music at church, Christian retreats, and conferences. She resides in Nacogdoches, Texas with her husband Stan and her daughter Chloe. Her daughter Morgan and her husband Erik, live and work in the Dallas area.


Want to view more videos from Christie?  Check out her YouTube channel!
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