What I learned by age 50

What I have learned by age 50 –

I’ve learned that without God I am nothing and with God I have everything.

….to sing for Him not to earn His approval and love,  but because I already have them.

…that family is more important than work,  and people more important than things.

… not to stress about what my body looks like so much, and to just be happy that all the parts still work.

… that it’s more peaceful to be kind and when I encounter mean- spirited people to just love them more because they are probably just hurting or fighting some battle of their own.

… to say I’m sorry even when I think I’ve done nothing wrong because obviously I did something or that person wouldn’t be upset with me.

… that carrying a grudge can be very heavy and hard work, and that forgiveness is good not only for the other person, but for me too.

… that trusting God isn’t always easy, but it’s the best thing to do because He is after all the Creator, and I just the creature; if He loves me so much to send His Son to die for my sins in order to bring me to heaven later, then He probably knows what’s best for me.

… that God is the Alpha and the Omega. Big, Powerful, Loving and Every Good Thing comes from Him.

…that through every trial if I keep my eyes, my heart, and my mind on Jesus, then the big waves around me become friendlier, and the imaginary sea monsters disappear.

… that following His plan for me is so much more peaceful than forcing my own way.

… that it truly is a joyous thing to serve and to give as long as there is a balance, and I take rest breaks along the way.

…that many people whether they are strangers, acquaintances, or friends are happy to receive a glass of ice water, a cup of coffee, or some chocolate chip cookies when they come into your home. If they decline, I usually just give it to them anyway, and they always consume it wholeheartedly.

… that if I spend time with God in the morning the day seems longer, calmer, and there is enough time for everything. On the other hand, I’ve learned that if I don’t, the opposite happens, and I become restless, distracted, confused, and not settled.

… that the flower fades quickly, my life is but a vapor, and I must never take one day of life for granted even if it’s a tough one.

…that I still have many more things to learn, but as I reflect back on my 50 years of life I see my Father in Heaven molding me little by little to be more Christ-like. I have a long way to go, but it’s okay because God is very patient and very good at waiting.


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