Big Person or Little Person?

Today I was listening to Dr. David Jeremiah, and he said the following anonymous quote:

You can tell the character of a person by what irritates them.
A little person is irritated by little things, and a big person only by big things.     

Life can be contradictory and challenge us everyday to be a Big person or a Little person. I want to be a Big person. But yesterday I was a little one.

My internet wasn’t working, the printer decided to join the boycott of the computer. For some unexplainable reason every time I tried to text on my phone, the cursor would jump and suddenly my text would disappear. “It’s ok,” I said to myself, “I’ll just get the lawn mowed.” Sunscreen, bandana, hat, face mask, sunglasses, water – ready! Nope. Lawn mower wouldn’t start. Really? Add to this a myriad of things on my list to do that I couldn’t get done (and I’m all about getting things done) because of these untimely technological failures and you guessed it, I was irritated. And I became a little person. A tiny little person.

I say little because throughout the course of the day God shed some light on my supposedly monumental “irritants”. My sister calls to tell me that her 6 month old grand baby, who was born with hypo plastic left heart syndrome, could not have her second heart surgery due to a tummy virus and fever that wreaked havoc on her already weakened little body. I run into an elderly man at the post office who was so bent over with osteoporosis he could hardly hold his head upright much less open the door. Yet, he smiled and opened the door for me. My friend who in spite of her battle with cancer, losing her hair, and heading into the toughest week yet of chemo managed to meet me for lunch with a smile on her face. As I’m leaving I catch a glimpse of the newspaper headlines that tell of the martyrdom of the Christian children under the evil hand of ISIS. And I walk back into my easy life. Yes, God has a way of showing us what is important and what is not. What is big and what is little.

Self-control. A fruit of the spirit. Controlling words and actions as well as thoughts and passions. Lord, please help me each day to be a Big person, and not a little one.

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