“…her music is truly an inspirational cinema for our souls…with lines that read like a riveting work of fiction, Christie delivers compelling songs based solely on the truest, most enduring story of all time.”

- Casey L. Penn, Singer-Songwriter, Central Arkansas, Creative Director, Pennwords Writing & Design

“Christie Cook’s music has a quality of freshness at every encounter. The flawless beauty of her sound is supported by a sincerity and grace-fullness that resonates in both ear and heart. The result is a voice that is ever – new, as one telling of the precious discovery of a Great Love.”

- Reverend Gotting, St. Christopher Episcopal Church, League City, TX

“Once in awhile you hear a voice that wraps itself around your heart and tells you a story. Christie Cook has that kind of voice and sings those kind of songs. Her singing and songwriting are lovely and utterly devoid of the artifice that pervades so much of our world today.”

- Steve Schuch, Night Heron Consort

“A straightforward honesty pervades every aspect of Christie’s songs – the lyrics, the vocal, the music, even the production. The songs are beautiful, to be sure, but it is this lack of pretense that gives them their power.”

- Scott Lagraff, Professor of Music, Stephen F. Austin State University

“Christie Cook is a very talented artist with engaging songs. Her lyrics range from spiritually enriching to very fun. It was pleasure working with Christie in the studio, and I hope every listener enjoys the record as much as I do!”

- Mitch Dane, Producer, Nashville, Tn



Fair Breeze


Perfect Times

If you could read my heart, the first page might read that overall
the world has been kind to me
You might find some missing pages I care not to read again
I learned slowly their loss was my gain
but the scars they left behind are there to remind
that the strength of my spirit is not from perfect times

If you could read my heart, my comforter you’d find
He stays hidden somewhere between the lines
I am never misjudged, I am never misread
I don’t have to impress this friend
Like the sun behind the mountain He’s hidden from plain view
but His light and His warmth can find you
Like the wind I know not from where he comes or where He goes
rhyming verses on the pages I don’t write alone
He offers me an extra blanket at night
He shines in perfect and not so perfect times

If you read a little father, you’ll stumble on a page
that is blank, no words to erase
In the middle of that space, I’ve drawn in two chairs
I wonder if you’d like to sit down and share
This time I won’t talk, the words you may choose
Don’t worry, this time I gave you lots of room
I’ll agree to disagree, I’ll listen quietly while we forget the not so perfect times
I’ll agree to disagree, I’ll listen quietly while we forget the not so perfect times

Fair Breeze

Well his boat rode breaking swells like a carousel, caught in a sudden squall
There was so much unrest deep inside my chest for this sailor midst wave so tall
I taste the salt from the ocean or is it my tears, I cannot reach the harbor of his heart
A bitter North wind keeps him standing off shore, and the South beckons me to depart

She no longer obeyed his hands at the helm as she fought a northeasterly gale
A wave crested high, swept him overboard, I saw Angels point to him
Then the One who calmed the Sea of Galilea appeared and bade a Fair Breeze
He extended His hand, Be still, He commands, I cannot help ‘till you trust in Me

I awake with a jolt and I open my eyes and tell myself it’s all but a dream
I offer a prayer for whoever he was, this blue eyed sailor of seas
That o’er his shoulder he’ll find a Fair Breeze, Never find too much wind for his sail
I don’t know if our paths will ever meet, But I pray for him a Fair Breeze

Send Me an Angel

All alone, He prayed deep in the night, his disciples fast asleep
Oh Father, may this cup pass from me,
I’m afraid and my soul grieves

Send me an Angel, Send me an Angel, Send me an Angel I pray
Oh Father please give me, what it takes to keep our candle aflame, oh
to keep our candle aflame.

With his head bowed he prayed not my will but thine
Holy Spirit, give me strength, Come forth to me on Angel’s Wings
what is written, let it come to be

A crown of thorns, a cross too heavy to bear, from the burden His body falls weak
His mother cried softly for angel’s wings, to lift him up off His feet

Send Him an Angel, Send Him an Angel, Send Him an Angel I pray
Oh Father please give Him what it takes to keep His candle aflame,
Oh, to keep His candle aflame

With nails in His feet, and nails in His hands
They mocked Him, Come down if you can
He lifted His hands and aloud He cried
Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabacthani

Send me an Angel, Send me an Angel, Send me an Angel I pray
Oh Father I don’t have what it takes to keep our candle aflame
oh, to keep our candle aflame

Three days passed and an angel appeared, went forth and rolled back the stone
His appearance like lightning, His garment like snow,
Jesus lives, He said, Now go, Tell them

God sent an Angel, God sent an Angel, God sent an Angel their way
Tell them Jesus lives, Jesus is raised, His light will forever be aflame,
oh, to those who seek Him in Name, always to the end of age

What If

What if, I simply could not hear all the jokes you tell to cover up your fears
What if, I could only hear your truth, would I be surprised to hear you, just you
What if I simply could not see, your lovely pretty face or your different race
What if I peeked my head around your door, would I be surprised to see you, Just you

The sun comes up the, you take the stage, and the curtain opens wide
Is your hat on straight do you know your lines
you played your role just fine, fine, just fine

What if, I simply could not feel the harsh words that you deal
or your silence of steel, What if I tiptoed round your shield of thorns
Would I be surprised to feel You, Just You
You walk backstage, your costume’s tight, you got a mind
Throw it aside, You look around, you hesitate
You want to find that stage and scream I’m here

Or do you dare

What if I simply could not find, fault with your mistakes, fault with your mind

What if I first counted all of mine, would I be surprised to find you, hmm, just you
All alone, He prayed deep in the night, his disciples fast asleep
Oh Father, may this cup pass from me,
I’m afraid and my soul grieves

Send me an Angel, Send me an Angel, Send me an Angel I pray
Oh Father please give me, what it takes to keep our candle aflame, oh
to keep our candle aflame.

With his head bowed he prayed not my will but thine
Holy Spirit, give me strength, Come forth to me on Angel’s Wings
what is written, let it come to be

A crown of thorns, a cross too heavy to bear, from the burden His body falls weak
His mother cried softly for angel’s wings, to lift him up off His feet

Send Him an Angel, Send Him an Angel, Send Him an Angel I pray
Oh Father please give Him what it takes to keep His candle aflame,
Oh, to keep His candle aflame

With nails in His feet, and nails in His hands
They mocked Him, Come down if you can
He lifted His hands and aloud He cried
Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabacthani

Send me an Angel, Send me an Angel, Send me an Angel I pray
Oh Father I don’t have what it takes to keep our candle aflame
oh, to keep our candle aflame

Three days passed and an angel appeared, went forth and rolled back the stone
His appearance like lightning, His garment like snow,
Jesus lives, He said, Now go, Tell them

Rest Awhile

That was a pretty good fall, you heard someone say
as he lifted you up from the ground
Next time put on your brakes
this isn’t a race my brother said with a smile
Perhaps you should rest awhile

Oh Brother Brucer I hold tight to that memory
and the feeling that I got back then when you lifted me
I’m all out of breath, I’ve peddled too fast
Tried to ride too soon with no hands
I fell hard to the ground, I don’t want to get up
Then I hear your voice that says
Perhaps you should rest awhile

So you pretend you’re not hurt, you pretend to be tough
You grab the green handlebars again
Then he runs alongside, and gives you a push
And yells watch out for that curb
And we all know what happens then


Bridge – Now someone else’s hands are lifting you and me
And watching all our bumps and falls and bruises big and small
I’ve been there a few times myself He says
It’s after all the falling, you rise to a greater cause
But first you must rest awhile

Well your knees are all better, your balance is good
You’re feeling kinda proud of yourself
You reach deep down inside, find the courage to try
And with all your strength you yell, look Brother Bruce
No Hands

Above and Beyond

Just a farmboy from the midwest he was taught how to work the horse and plow
but his daddy could always see he had a heart of unrest
cause he was always starin at the clouds
so off he went into the airforce where they discovered in no time at all
that this young farmin boy from the midwest could fly any plane they put his hands on

above and beyond is where he flew
above and beyond is what he knew
above and beyond is what he loved
above and beyond is who he was

on the ground he was a bit unstable, he always gave a little too much
he never understood a greedy heart, and he never understood human love


on a ground support mission in Korea, a radio call for help came from the ground
where are ya brother John, this is your little brother Tom, if you don’t get here soon
they’ll get us all
cause the mortars are flyin like lightnin bugs, the marines are trapped on the mountain side
three planes have flown by, they’ve all flown too high
do you read brother John, you gotta try

well consider it done you jarhead, we have always covered you marines
have I ever let you down, little brother Tom, Here I come hold your ground if you please
His fighter plane roared o’er the hillside, from a strafin run he hit a bull’s eye
the soldiers all cheered except little Tom, who saw his brother take a hit in enemy’s line


over ten thousand hours in the cockpit, over two hundred missions that he flew
oak leaf clusters and medals of bravery, are living proof of what he did for me and you

Snow Castle Dream

Racing down, hills of snow, I beat ya, no you didn’t, it’s a tie
We built snow castles, and we played King and Queen
We swore friends for life and shared a dream

I recall, we skipped school one day
I met you at the creek at the Northwood gate
You said bring your guitar, and I’ll bring the fishin poles
And I said yeah, and this time don’t forget the bait

Whatever happened to you John David
Whatever happened to my friend for life
Are you still believen, are you tryin, are you reachin
Can you find your castle dreams still in your mind
Or did it melt into a stream and run into an ocean of forgotten dreams

You stepped out of my life, just like you drifted in
Quietly, you never said too much
Then a friend told me, that a friend told her,
Your business failed and your family fell apart

So I drive 400 miles, and I knock at your door
I give you the line, what are friends for
Now get up off this couch, we’re goin to that hill
And if I have to drag you all the way I will


It’s a long way home, but it’s longer when it rains
It helps to have seen a smile on your face
But I can’t stop wondering, about that King and Queen
And their perfect childhood snow white castle dreams

Slow Down (capo IV – play G)

Well I was mindin my business going to work one day when I came to light I did hesitate
do I stop, or go, or run through the red, nah I think I’ll play it safe instead
then I looked in the mirror, what did I see, a big mean man shakin his fist at me
well part of me wanted to shrink in my seat, part of me wanted to jump out and scream

Slow Down why are you so angry, so early in the morning
Slow Down perhaps another cup of coffee
Slow Down people, slow down

so the light turned green and part of me wanted to drive real slow
but he looked too mean, so he burned some rubber and he made a screech
well good riddance to you and I sighed a relief
I felt kinda mad, felt kinda sad, I wish I weighed 200 pounds and I was big and bad
If I did know what I’d do I’d do, I’d jump out of my car and I’d say Mr. you’re a time bomb
You better soften your heart

Wouldn’t you know, the next light was red so I glanced to my right
there was dufus head
Well he glared at me, I smiled at him, he shot me his IQ, I prayed for him
Lord please have patience with this mean man, he could be some little boy’s dad
Lord teach him something, teach him something today, it makes no sense
when we rush to wait

Round and Round

Oh your words of accusations fly like arrows from your mouth
they circle back and numb your senses, you can’t find your way out
to what is real, you cannot feel, and what you feel is not real
I am not who you think I am
I Am who I Am

You people go round and round and round again, trying to figure it out
when it’s right in front of your faces, but you choose to look around
He gave you ears, He gave you eyes, He gave you a heart and He gave you a mind
you must learn to forget yourselves to find My Father’s light

Once a man went to his field to plant many a seed
Some fell by wayside and on scattered stone
Some fell among the thorns but some fell on good ground
Listen with your ears and eyes, your heart and your mind
Your souls will struggle if you try to deny
My truth, my truth, my truth, my truth

So the Holy man walked away but He had planted a seed
some of them threw it out and some of them took heed
and so they found eternal love, eternal life and eternal peace
and twelve of them traveled far and they began to teach

The Son of God has come to us to plant many seeds of truth
Which of your hearts have grown so dull, they cannot perceive?
Which of your hearts rejoice so fast then stop when trouble unfolds?
Which of you hearts desire strong to make a place for His Word
But then are choked by the thorns of deceit and the cares for your world?
Listen with your ears and eyes you hearts, and your mind
Your soul will struggle if you try to deny His truth, His truth, His truth, His Truth

You people go round and round and round again
You go round and round and round again

Flyin Man

I remember waiting there on our front lawn a summer afternoon
making snow angels on the cool green grass waiting for that sound
then his plane would rumble round the hayfields, he’d dive bomb our house
I’d find my runnin feet so fast, and wave my hands to that crazy Flyin Man

Flyin Man take me too
Let’s fly around the stars and touch the moon
We could race heaven’s angels, I bet God would let us win
Don’t leave me Flyin Man, take me too

Farmers would shake their heads, and mumble softly, there he goes again
instead of workin his John Deere where he belongs he’s flyin round up there
they never really understood the heart of that crazy Flyin Man
The tiny pieces to his puzzle fit just right
with wings beneath his hands

Would you like to take a spin, he winked at me, it finally came my turn
my heart was racing like an engine till we took off and we floated through the air
flyin through the popcorn clouds, I felt so proud to be up there with him
I helped the plane turn her wings, with my hands, left and right and round again

When the world is closing in, I feel so small, there are tears in my eyes
I think about the Flyin Man, I wish he’d come and take me for a ride
Shh, I think I hear his plane outside

You Never Know

Would you like paper or plastic, asked an older voice
Looks like you smushed your bread
My car is parked quite far, that’s ok, what do you do?
Then we talked awhile about what he did
Now the missus wants him out from under her shoes
And it’s nice to talk to people like you
thank you now, see you soon

As I drove away I couldn’t help but feel surprised
by what this man had done with his life
He fought for his country went to universities
Then spent 40 years as chief engineer
But his humble appearance and his grocery uniform
had me completely misinformed
I didn’t know who I’d been talking to

We must be kind, to one another, don’t let your mind speak too soon
cause you never know, you never know, you never know
who you’re talking to

2000 years ago, two parents lost their son, a brave and bright 12 year old
they found him with the wise men, and the doctors of law
and his wisdom simply amazed them all
but his young humble appearance, his clothes old and worn
had them completely misinformed
they didn’t know who they were talking to

Chorus: He said…

A young mother stranded alone with her child miles from home a cold snowy night
A stranger appeared, fixed her tire, calmed her fears, and from where he came he then disappeared,
But his humble appearance, a dog he called sport, had her completely misinformed
She didn’t know who she’d been talking to

Chorus: We must be …

you never know…. who you’re talking to

Every Good Thing


I Wanna Know


Sun is warm, the roads are dusty, the 12 sat at the table hungry

None of them volunteered to wash their Master’s feet

While standing on their dignity, arguing about prestige

In Majesty and calmness, the Lord beings to kneel

One by One, He lifts their feet, unlaces pride and greed

He shows how far love can go, How love does not seek its own


A cup of water, cup of mercy, a basin full of endless Grace

He leaves not a speck of dust on the soul of His Saints

He meets the greatest injury, with supreme humility

Knowing that these very feet will scatter like sheep

One by One He scales the cliffs, bruised and leaning on His Staff

One by One He calls the names, No matter how far they’ve strayed



I wanna know, I wanna know this Love that labors 

I wanna know, I wanna know this Shepherd that saves

I wanna know, I wanna know this Love that rescues

I wanna know, I wanna know 


Looking for Judah’s Lion, the Father sends the Lamb of God

Waiting for a conqueror, not a King on a Cross

Human hopes to be shattered, oh Glory for His Suffering Love

A torn veil, so man can find His way back to God



No sin too dark, no soul He can’t rescue

He still seeks the lost, says I’ll clean that if you want

Before the sin, Before mistakes

He offers mercy, He offers Grace

Every Good Thing


You made all from nothing, yet we pretend, we know how it works

And how it all began

You gave the mountains height, oceans their depth

Thunder its rumbling voice and lightning its path

We ride the waves

You control the tide the south wind blows

We set our sails and fly

You hold the water, sun, and moon in their place earth hangs

Suspended twirling round and round in space

You place the stars and you know them by name

We pick the fruit and catch the falling rain

Your Holiness sets you apart

We smear all that’s good with self- seeking hearts



Every Good Thing

Every Good Thing

Every Good Thing

Comes from God


Your hand holds the life and breath of every man

You are the King of Kings, the Great I am

You give the bird flight, rivers their course

Above all around, everything is yours

Hand to the plow, heart to the throne even these

We can’t do on our own



Salvation what a gift, You love, You Forgive

What is man that you are mindful of him?

Maker of the Day, You ask for simple faith

First sight of fire or flame and we complain

You give we want more, Your Word we ignore, You seek to give us

Rest, we rush past you

We see burdens, You see gifts, We see weakness, You see strength

We feel weight, You see wings and everlasting

Here in the dust and dirt, You quench away all thirst

Take sin from the soul and make it white as snow


vocals – Christie Cook
fiddle – Andrea Zonn
guitar – Court Clement
bass – Matt Pierson
drums – Will Sayles

 Hold On


I’ve prayed for a friend, for a very long long time

That he’d open his heart to Christ

But the stumbling block grows bigger, and it’s heavier each day

But I’m too small to move it out of the way

Conversations start and they end with more questions

Questions are good they’re alright

I try to convince him, God is the Great I am

He did not leave us alone But I’d do better

Finding water in a stone, then I say



Hold on, Hold on, Hold on

Let the Blessings come


I call to check up on a friend who’s 83

He needs prayer and sympathy

His pain is so intense, I can see it in his eyes

And he asks me not to say a thing

But his faith does not waver his love for God intense

Yet he questions why won’t healing come

And I search for an answer

And I stutter and stammer

I’d do better finding water in a stone



It’s not easy to define, so hard to accept

The Sovereign Will of God

From the garden to the desert to the cradle to the cross

I believe He pursues the best in us

I’ve searched all his stories from every different angle

He operates solely from Love, and in all the hard places

Not by sight but by senses

I’ve found springs of water under the Rock

New Jerusalem


Sometimes I fell like I’m building a boat

In the middle of desert sand

And I’m singing in a foreign land, what seems so harmless

Is rooted in sin minds are jaded where do we begin

Oh I know it’s not with idle hands



I think about New Jerusalem

No need of the sun or moon

Just the light greater than

Just the light of the lamb

He came to give us life abundantly

Don’t think he meant just eternity

Seek the Kingdom, Seek His righteousness

So many wolves dressed like sheep

It’s hard to tell friend or thief Bless the children

We must protect them



Where the gates are always open for there are no more thieves!

No one to come and steal His peace

No death no sorrow, no tears and no pain

For the very hand of God has wiped it all away

Face to face God will dwells with man

The calf with the lion, the wolf with the lamb

With every quake of mountain and wave of the sea

Creation yearns for the presence of our King

I think about New Jerusalem, no need of the sun or moon

Just the light greater than, just the light

I think about New Jerusalem, no need of the sun or moon

Just the light greater than, just the light of the lamb

 Your Love


I can sing about Your Goodness, I can talk about Your Love

I can count all my blessings, And send a thousand prayers above

I can ponder your forgiveness and Your Mercies sound

And true I can call you Lord and King and bow to Your Truth


But if I were to be quite honest at the core of my being

Beneath all those thoughts how I think things should be

When the song of the bird ceases

And the fruit of the tree falls

Do I know your love


Had I recognized the cradle in its humble disguise

Stayed awake in the garden, not run away and hide

Had I followed your Cross, stood by Mary and John

Had I helped Nicodemus or waited by the Stone


No Your Love does not depend on anything I do

How I perform under doctrine and rules

When the Song of the bird ceases

And the fruit of the tree falls

Do I know your love



Sons and Daughters of Adam, turn back to me

Your quest for independence is not where you want to be

Separated from my Light, Separated from my Love

You cannot draw from yourselves, that which you’ve lost

 Hey O


Emails are waitin, phone calls to

Everybody’s got work to do

Lord’s a waitin, Lord’s a watchin, to see what you’re gonna choose

He knows full well how many hairs on your head

When you’re born, when you’re gonna be dead

Might be good if you spend some time, with Him instead



Yeah Hey O, Everybody knows

A little goes a long long way

A little bit here, a little bit there, makin it a brighter day

Yeah Hey, Everybody Go, Come on over lend a hand

A little bit here, a little bit there, Everybody join the band


You wake up in the mornin in your comfy bed

Knowin there are people livin under a bridge

Scramble your eggs, eat some bacon

Complain cause your joints are achin

So many needs, little tummies to feed

Better to give than to receive

Let’s all be His hands and feet, Everybody give somethin


Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s not certain

Today you can help someone that’s hurtin

Lend a hand, give a smile, hug a child

A penny in the pocket, a drop in the ocean

Love is the world’s magic potion

Good for the soul, everybody go, and set it all in motion

 Anxious For Nothing


Today I am anxious for nothing, content to watch things unfold

Today I am feeling a true peace of surrender and letting go

To Him who sets boundaries for oceans and

Walks on the wings of the wind

To Him who sets springs into valleys

Places stars with the wave of His Hand

Turning it over, It’s out of my hands, my arms are wide open

And I’ve done all I can



Lilies in the valley don’t toil nor they spin

The Lord knows my every need before I ask Him


Unhindered, uncovered, unwavering

Expectant of good things to come

O heart of mine do you trust Him, the answer is how I respond

By turning it over, it’s out of my hand

My arms are wide open, and I’ve done all I can


Today I am anxious for nothing, content to watch things unfold

Oh I’m anxious for nothing, content to watch things unfold

 Quiet Hands


Father God, I seek you, please come into this room

My soul awaits, and anticipates, a long list of prayers

A lesson to complete

I feel no stirring, to pray or read, but to drink of your living water

Partake of the bread of Life, to sit at Your feet and ponder

With quiet hands, and a quiet mind


Precious stones, silver, and gold, hay stubble or straw

Your consuming fire, reveals all, do I offer from obligation

Compulsion or compensation, or a joy that’ s complete and perfect

From sitting at the feet of my First Love


Father God, I seek You, with silent fortitude

I feel your Son’s warmth on my face

Lord you know that I am more devoted

Than all that makes me afraid

But this morning I choose to enter into Your Rest


Lord you know that I am more devoted

Than all that makes me afraid

But this morning I choose to enter into Your Rest

With Quiet Hands, with Quiet Hands

Love Never Fails


You asked for my hand I gave you my heart, always and forever

I will be yours, you will be mine, till death do us part

But it’s in your arms the magic of

Happily ever after is writing our love story


You fight for me when things get tough, and I want to give up

Steady and strong, gentle and kind, you thrill me with your touch

Where you are I’m with you, Where you lead I’ll follow

You will always have my love, my love, right into Kingdom Come



Love Never Fails, Love Never Fails

When all the rest has run off the rails

Love Never Fails

If I could be all for you, that you are for me Babe

Our love would never grow stale or cold

It’d warm up all tomorrows, sweeten our yesterdays

Our love would grow and grow, our love would grow and grow


Dreams don’t come swiftly when you’re not at home

I stack the pillows, think of you, and hold the phone

My favorite things are when you wrap your arms around me

Babe lift and me off of my feet

Or when I reach for the coffee and find a note

That makes me laugh, first smile of the day

Where you are I’m with you, where you lead I’ll follow

You will always have my Love, my love

Right into Kingdom Come

Love Never Fails, Love Never Fails

Where you are I’m with you, where you lead I’ll follow

Yyou will always have my love, love love

Right into Kingdom Come

 Fly Far and Wide


An Oak tree stands still and alone in the meadow

A soft autumn wind sweeps across and takes it by surprise

From where it comes, where it chooses to go

No one really knows, but God the Father

The Creator who breathes Spirit and truth with wind and fire


A girl stands still and alone pondering her purpose

Spirit of Truth comes along and sweeps her off her feet

Ppatiently waiting, hovering and swirling, one tiny step of belief

New beginnings, new creation, and a soul that is filled

With a sense of belonging



Fly far and wide, Spirit of God

Calling one and all to your love

Rescuing, redeeming, igniting a flame

Revealing to the heart of man heavenly things


Standing still and in awe pondering the

Mystery Who can know, the Deep things of God

Patiently waiting, hovering and swirling, one tiny step of belief

New beginnings, new creation, and a soul

That is filled with a sense of belonging


Patiently waiting, hovering and swirling, one tiny step 

Patiently waiting, hovering and swirling, one tiny step

Patiently waiting, hovering and swirling, one tiny step

Fly Far and Wide, O Come all ye faithful, Fly Far and Wide

 Chasing the Wind


The world and its increasing speed can’t catch up to me

Can’t follow me can’t find me in this place

The presence I find is so polite I can come and go any time I like

There’s order and there’s peace

To sit in silence or to talk with all abandon

I am a very welcomed guest free to question or to

Share my thoughts at random


Man is born and then he dies and in between works all his life

With so much anxious striving

He searches for security in temporal and the worldly things

And all he finds is that he’s missing

Something tangible, something everlasting

A purpose that was meant to be

A sense that all the fruit of his labor is sweet



Tell me, is there something more than this

Appetite of wanting

More is it vanity or chasing the wind


This world is beautiful so full of love so full of hate

So fleeting, so terrifying

I have to get away, come back to this familiar place

For His strength and healing

I’d be a fool if I think that all I have

Comes from the work of my small hands

Creation’s restless in the tiny arrangements of man



His table is set with no decor, it’s simple and it’s so much more

He breaks the bread and offers me water

Love here is stronger it’s so much stronger


To sit in silence or to talk with all abandon

I am a very welcomed guest

Free to question or to share my thoughts at random

The Great I Am


Who can form with spoken Word, heaven, earth, the universe

Who can bid the earth to move, the sun to cast its

Light on the moon

Who can pay the price of sin, walk on water, calm the wind

Who can die and rise again, forgive man and reascend



Hallelujah, Fall down, Praise Him

Hallelujah, The Great I Am


Who can love the wicked man, when the world gives up on him

Who can rescue a soul from death, give a newborn its first breath

Who can bend the proudest knee, not by force but Calvary

Who can take a weary soul, give it rest and make it whole



Thunder, lightning wind and wave, who controls and who sustains

Who has ordered each and all our days

Living Water, Living bread, Father, Savior, Maker, Friend

Tell me who can be all of them

Who can claim the First, Who can claim the Last

Who can make the Great Descent

Coming in the Clouds, Every Knee shall bow

Every knee shall bow

Dia Maith


New Days


There Are Days


Some days are just better that others. For me, the better days are
always the ones where I make time to be with God first. Those days that
I seek to “live and move and have my being in Him” ( Acts 17:28)


There are days, when things just fall into place

A peaceful feelin, that lingers on through the day

Come what may, it’s o.k.

My shoulders strong and I feel brave



And it’s when I’m walkin, when I’m talkin,

When I’m listenin to the Lord,

It’s when I’m searchin, when I’m thinking,

And servin and sharin, and

Singin and praisin the Lord


There are days when life stops being mundane

My eye are opened, my spirit feels wide awake

And I can hear, the voice of God

Wisdom pure and crystal clear


There are days, when pain is soothed and sorrow turned

And every corner holds something new and unknown

And I run forward in this race

I might get tired, but I’m not afraid


music and lyrics – Christie Cook
vocals – Christie Cook
rhythm and lead acoustic guitar – Christie Cook
electric guitar and bass – Jimmy Taylor
drums – Jason Pate
percussion – Jeff Shelton
organ – Jimmy Taylor

© 2006

A Quiet Voice


The Holy Spirit lives inside each of us who believe in Jesus. What a gift
He gave us; the Comforter, the Counselor, always there to guide us.

“And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be
with you forever – the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him,
because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he
lives with you and will be in you. ”   John 14:16-17


It was a Quiet Voice that sent Gabriel to tell Mary

She’d give birth to a Savior, to a king

A perfect gift from Heaven, the Son of the Most High

A Quiet Voice sent to us, to save mankind


It was a Quiet Voice that sent the star to guide the Wise Men

And a Quiet Voice that gave Mary the first Christmas Hymn

And the Quiet Voice that told Peter Feed My Lambs

A Quiet Voice from the cross said Forgive Them



Listen to the Quiet Voice wraps around the earth

Glimpse of silver lining was our Shepherd’s birth

No shadow of turning, he promised to his own

In those hearts of faith, his Quiet Voice

Would find a home


It’s a Quiet Voice that tells the seasons when to change

And a Quiet Voice that sends us grace when there is pain

When our courage is broken and we feel like a lost lamb

It’s the Shepherd’s Quiet Voice that says, try again


music and lyrics – Christie Cook
vocals – Christie Cook
acoustic rhythm and lead guitar – Christie Cook
violin – Jen Dalmas
cello – Dirge Smith

© 2004

Carried Away


While I was grocery shopping I overheard someone speaking in French.
(I studied French and lived in Aix–en–Provence for a year during my
undergrad) Somewhat curious I turned to see who it was and then I
recognized a college professor among the group. I went over and said
hello and he then introduced me to a foreign exchange student from
France. This song was inspired by that conversation.

This is a time when I wished I’d been silent, no more than a word Or two

You smiled politely your face looked confused, or perhaps amused

My heart beat faster a race against time, you were so anxious to Leave

I made no sense I planted a tree, instead of a seed



I got Carried Away

Carried Away


I was left there standing alone in the store, holding my gallon of Milk

I wanted to say so much more, so inadequate I felt

I wanted to tell you I stood where you stand, He was not real to me

Till I opened my heart His mystery came in…



Whatever is noble, whatever is right

Whatever is honor, love, and truth

This is who I am trying to say

Is waiting… To be


The Ocean is big, the ocean is wide, I probably won’t see you again

I’ll cast my prayers into the wind for you my friend

They will not drift no they will fly straight into his hand… where They’ll be


music and lyrics – Christie Cook
vocals and piano – Christie Cook
cello – Evgene Raychev

© 2006

New Day


At the time I wrote this song I was feeling a bit disappointed in myself as
a person. Whenever I am feeling down about life, I find myself wanting
to work or play hard. The good thing is my house usually gets really
clean and my garden gets happy because of it. This in turn usually helps
my mood. There is an angel in my garden and while I was admiring her
poise and serenity I asked God why I couldn’t be more like her. The
answer came quite unexpectedly. “She is made of stone and you are
made of flesh.” I put the hoe down, took off my muddy shoes, sat down
at the piano and wrote this in about a half hour.


An angel sits in my garden, always peaceful always still

Always in control of her day

It can rain and it can pour, even through the biggest storm

She has a smile on her face



Oh but I am made of flesh and bone and not of molded stone

I will always make mistakes

God’s love is faithful, His mercy is sweet

In that everyday is a New Day


Sometimes I’m feeling mighty fine ya the world’s messed up but I’m All right

I think I’ve got it all worked out

But then He shows me something else, deeper down inside myself

I fall down, He lifts me up



It’s hard to be everything to everybody everywhere

Near to all who call

A good wife, a good Mom, try to serve outside my home

I can’t do this on my own


music and lyrics – Christie Cook

lead and harmony vocals – Christie Cook
guitar and piano – Christie Cook
bass – Jimmy Taylor
mandolin – Steve Devries 
drums – Jason Pate

© 2006

Beautiful Space


I went to see the Chronicles of Narnia with my daughter, Morgan.
Somewhat in that fantasy mode I began to ponder the fact that we as
Christians live in a Kingdom – a kingdom that is unseen but can be
found wherever His will is done. Our King is present in spirit, but soon
He’ll be back. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth
as it is in heaven…


I live in a Kingdom that is strangely enough

In this world but not a part of

No one is excluded by color of skin

The strong and the wounded are all invited in



To be a child of His wonder

And a child of His Grace

A child protected in a beautiful place

In a beautiful space


The Kingdom is unseen but can be found

Wherever the will of the King is done

The King is present in Spirit alone

Someday He’ll be back to claim His Holy throne



And when the great deceiver

When the great dragon draws near

We just whisper the King’s name

And He flies away in fear


No one is a nuisance to this King of Kings

He meets every need, children play at His feet

The more you draw near Him, the more He imparts

Wisdom and Truth, He can heal the broken heart


music and lyrics – Christie Cook

vocals – Christie Cook
acoustic rhythm and lead guitar – Christie Cook
mandolin – Steve Devries
bass – Jimmy Taylor
drums and percussion – Jason Pate

© 2006

I Survived

dedicated to Cuong Nyugen

“God points to the peaceful attitude of suffering people
to teach others about Himself”Joni Eareckson Tada

Not having written a song in about 2 months I was feeling quite empty
and prayed that God would help me write something. It was on my way
home from Ohio to Houston that I met a Vietnamese man in the airport.
He spoke a little English, and I could tell he was confused about where to
go to catch his plane. I offered for him to come with me, and he agreed.
It was during our walk that he just out of nowhere announced that he
was a Christian. He then asked me what freedom meant to me.
Somewhat taken aback I wasn’t quite sure how to answer because I had
never really had to think about it. I have always had freedom. He then
began to tell me this story. I began taking notes immediately knowing
that God had answered my prayer. This song is based on true events
from his life. Two years later I felt compelled to send him the song.
Normally I don’t like to send songs that aren’t studio quality, however, I
felt so strongly that God was behind it. I put it on a tape recorder and
sent it to him. He wrote me back telling me that upon hearing it he
realized once again that God really loved him and cared. His son had
just been murdered and his home burned down. I forgot to mention that
the reason he was flying to Houston was to attend his daughter’s funeral
who died of breast cancer. Although I don’t know Cung very well, he will
always be an inspiration to me and others I’m sure.

In l975 my world turned upside down

The Communists took over in South Vietnam

High school History teacher I taught my students well

But I spoke too much of freedom so they threw me in a cell



So it was there I built my home away from home

And the Carpenter came and laid the Chief Cornerstone

And every time I was hungry he gave me the Bread of Life

I tell you that’s how I survived


Stripped of all my dignity, Do you know what Freedom means?

To me it is like air, without I cannot breathe

14 years that I worked in the concentration camps

In all my weakness He made me stronger than those men

Once God gave me a Bible when he saw I had lost hope

I found it in a shed that I cleaned as I was told

Six years passed they found it and then they tortured me

But they could not touch His Word etched in my memory


Sometimes I feel like him with no place to lay my head

I am a refugee, in Vietnam they want me dead

But he said that if we love him and we keep his Word

He and his Father would make their home with us on earth


music and lyrics – Christie Cook

vocals and guitar – Christie Cook

© 2001



I don’t always feel God’s presence. But when I do I feel such a complete
inner peace and joy. So much that I feel like I have wings instead of feet.


Leaping into existence, the earth was waking up

The horizon was hiding a flaming sun

Clouds tinged with copper adorned the deep blue sky

Songbirds sang louder as the sun began to climb

I felt all wrapped up in the splendor of God

And at the heart of that splendor I found love



So I danced, then I sang, my hands lifting up in praise,

I turned round and round and round and round again,

Beams of light surrounded me,

I was floating in his peace,

For a moment I had wings instead of feet


Like the light of the sun by morning

And the light of the moon by night

His Word burns brightly in the forefront of my mind

How great the wonder, How sweet the reward

When I surrender and dance with the Lord

I feel all wrapped up in the splendor of God

And at the heart of that splendor I find love



Praise Him all Nations let your voices Be heard

Soaring to heaven from earth

Timbrel and Trumpet, Song and Dance

These stones shall not cry out, as long as I still can


If I take these wings of morning to the uttermost parts of the sea

Even there His right hand will find and guide me

Born of His Spirit, nothing can come between

My love for the Lord and His love for me

I feel all wrapped up in the Splendor of God

And at the heart of that Splendor I find love


music and lyrics – Christie Cook

vocals and acoustic guitar – Christie Cook
mandolin and banjo – Steve Devries
bass – Jimmy Taylor
jimbay and drums – Jason Pate
percussion – Jeff Shelton

© 2005

Change Me

“Hold on to instruction…for it is your life” (Prov. 4:13).

Many times I have prayed to God about changing , fixing, or removing
something that was unpleasant in my life. I eventually learned that the
very thing I was praying for Him to change was the very thing He was
using to teach me something. God is in everything.


I’ve prayed about this burden, this untimely circumstance

An unpleasant situation is at hand

I’ve prayed without ceasing, take this thorn from my side

I’ve prayed believing, you’d comply

Am I praying against Lord what you’re teaching me

Perhaps I should be praying, Change Me



Clean me, refine me, teach me, toughen me Lord

I seek to praise you in trouble and trial

Without resistance, without adversity,

A ship cannot sail


Sometimes heaven feels so far away

Like some unknown, remote distant place

Where I once heard your voice, Lord

I can’t hear anything

Perhaps I’m too consumed with worldly things

I know that this world is not my destiny

In the midst of it all, Lord, Change Me



Clean me, refine me, teach me, toughen me, Lord

You’ve destined us not to fail but to win

Without resistance, without adversity

A ship cannot sail



A pillar of cloud by day

A pillar of fire by night

You offer us conquest not escape

You do not command, which you do not enable

Enable me Lord, to Change…


music and lyrics – Christie Cook

vocals – Christie Cook
acoustic guitar and piano – Christie Cook
cello – Dirge Smith
bass – Jimmy Taylor
oboe – Jason Paschall
jimbay and percussion – Jeff Shelton

© 2003

Knight In Shining Armor


Misunderstandings can cause such great emotional turmoil especially
when it involves a close friend. People will always let us down because
we’re not perfect. It was during one of those times that I wanted to
withdraw and cling to Jesus, my Knight, and rest in His Hiding Place.


It’s not like me to move this slow

Not to hold my head up high

Something I thought was so secure

Has been cast aside



O I seek a Knight in Shining Armor

To rescue me from this battle I’m in

Oh a Knight whose Word is His Honor

Whose promises are kept faithful to the end

Whose love is like a rock and not shifting sand

Whose words don’t break down, they build and they Mend


Selfless love must venture out

But caustic words hands me doubt

My heart is guarded I feel much more safe

In that Hiding Place… where I seek



Love is patient, It bears all things

Man of Sorrows, Acquainted with Grief

Did you mention how it can sting

How painful, love can be



Oh I seek the Knight in Shining Armor

To rescue me from this battle I’m in

Oh a Knight, a Knight in Shining Armor

To help me forgive and trust again


music and lyrics – Christie Cook
vocals and piano – Christie Cook
cello – Evgene Raychev
viola and violin – Jen Dalmas

© 2006


The past couple of years I have been trying to read and learn more of
the Old Testament. I was amazed to think how many times the chosen
people had turned their backs on God. I am more amazed by the fact
that we continue to do the same thing. Nevertheless, He came, He
taught, He healed, He loved, He died and then, He lived anyway.
All for us. I guess that’s why they call it Amazing Grace.


Century after century, it’s the same old story

God invites, man turns his back, God offers again

It makes me stop and think how pure God’s love must truly be

We killed his prophets and time after time we choose the world Over Him

Lord I am thankful, thankful this day, You came to earth anyway


He came knowing the mere presence of His Word would unfurl

Anger and wrath wrapped in tradition in a lost and broken world

And he taught knowing that His truth would fall on indifferent and Deaf ears

For seeing they could not see, and hearing they could not hear

But His love is so longsuffering, He did it for our sake

He just kept on teaching anyway



Oh the world makes sense

When I get a glimpse of God’s perseverance and a love so Pure

In the face of evil help me to stand and do all the good I Can

In the face of hate, help me love anyway


Oh they flocked to Him for healing, for a quick fix of their needs

They were no more interested in His talk of eternity

And His incredible miracles and sensational signs

Suited them just fine until His talk of self – denial

And the voice that shouted praises and the hand that touched His Robe

Would later be the voice to curse and the hand to throw the stone

But the depth of His compassion is so much deeper than our faith

He just kept on healing anyway



Silent like a lamb, He did not hide His face

He suffered knowing many would not accept His gift of grace

He had done no violence, from His mouth no deceit

With our sin upon His shoulders, they nailed him to a tree

Oh praises to the Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost

When they killed Him, He Lived Anyway


music and lyrics – Christie Cook

vocals and guitar – Christie Cook
organ, electric guitar and bass – Jimmy Taylor
drums – Jason Pate
percussion – Jeff Shelton

© 2004

Come Great Shepherd


I was invited to sing a concert at a local prison. Feeling a bit anxious I
hesitated, but then later felt a push from God to go and sing. I left that
night after the concert feeling that of all the places I had played my
music, that time and place was the most satisfying.
God’s Spirit took over and I believe many hearts were touched.


Here I sit with trembling hands

Lord, where do I start?

Lean closer now and whisper how

To open their hardened hearts

As they all file in and stare at me

I begin to think

That it’s easier to sit in church

Than to go out and truly serve


Some are here to get out of there

Some seek answers for their pain

Some just come and want to know

If there could ever be that much grace

For tribulation and trials they face

They are past the point of being brave

As I glance down at my trembling hands

I think it’s easier to sing on stage



Come Great Shepherd

Come Prince of Peace

Come Lord Jesus

To your lost sheep


Be not afraid, I read aloud

For I am always with you

His precious Word turns that broken place

Into a beautiful room

And the prison walls and a few tears fall

They think and feel again

Their sleeping souls wake up to hold

A love they’ve never known


The Spirit comes and fills the room

They bend, but they don’t break

They realize if they follow Christ

Their sleeping souls will stay awake

Remind me, Lord, what I’m here for

Your hand can fill their cup

It’s not for me to always see

Where they go or how they end up


music and lyrics – Christie Cook
lead vocals – Christie Cook
harmony vocals – Christie Cook and Matt Moody
rhythm guitar, Christie Cook
lead acoustic guitar – Jimmy Taylor and Christie Cook
mandolin – Steve Devries
bass – Jimmy Taylor
jimbay and drums – Jason Pate

© 2004

Capture Me

This song came about at a time when I felt pulled in many different
directions. I was missing the Lord and yearned to spend some time
alone with Him. After putting my youngest child to bed I walked out to
the front porch steps and sat down. The night was clear and the stars
were very bright. For a brief moment I felt totally captured by God.


Often you’re so quiet, your visits unannounced

So often I am moving, and I don’t hear the sound

Of your quiet footsteps or knock at my door

Please come in, Capture me

Take my hand and lead me, out into the night

Underneath the canopy of stars and silvery light

Forgive me please but I’ve lost touch with who you are

Capture me, Let’s journey far



And the light that you bring and that follows you around

Let it guide my path, and fill my soul

I will cherish these moments, I will hang on to every Word

From the voice of love I know


So many triumphs of the human heart and mind

So many lovely pearls You have let me find

Oh but I have found the loveliest supreme pearl of all

Capture me, Capture me



I am just a poet, You are a King

How is it You would want to walk this earth with me

You who formed the universe are holding my hand

Is it o.k. if just this once I let pride in?

Take my hand and lead me out into the night

Underneath the canopy of stars and silvery light


music and lyrics – Christie Cook

piano and lead vocals – Christie Cook
cello, Evgene Raychev

© 2006

Christmas Songs


Wexford Carol


Traditional Irish Christmas Carole, arranged by Christie Cook

Good people all, this Christmas time

Consider well and bear in mind

What our good God for us has done

In sending his beloved son

With Mary holy we should pray

To God with love this Christmas Day

In Bethlehem upon that morn

There was a blessed Messiah born

Near Bethlehem did shepherds keep

Their flocks of lambs and feeding sheep

To whom God’s angel did appear

Which put the shepherds in great fear

Arise and go, the angels said

To Bethlehem, be not afraid

For there you’ll find, this happy morn

A princely babe, sweet Jesus, born

With thankful heart and joyful mind

The shepherds went the babe to find

And as God’s angel had foretold

They did our Savior Christ behold

Within a manger he was laid

And by his side a virgin maid

Attending on the Lord of Life

Who came on earth to end all strife

Good people all this Christmas time

Consider well and bear in mind

What our good God for us has done

In sending his beloved son

In Bethlehem, upon that morn

A princely babe

Sweet Jesus Born

vocal – Christie Cook

cello – Evgene Raychev

violin – Brenda Josephsen

viola – Ana Watts

percussion – Shaun Schultz

penny whistle – Steven Adams

Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem


O Little Town of Bethlehem,

How still we see thee lie

Above thy deep and dreamless sleep

The silent stars go by

Yet in thy dark streets shineth,

The everlasting Light

The hopes and fears of all the years

Are met in thee tonight

Oh Morning Stars together

Proclaim the holy birth

And praises sing to God our King

And peace to man on earth

Oh Christ is born of Mary,

And gathered all above

While mortals sleep the angels keep

Their watch of wondering love

How silently, how silently

The wondrous gift is givn

So God imparts to human hearts the blessings of His Hand

No ear may hear his coming but in this world of sin

Where meek souls will receive Him still the dear Christ enters in

Oh Holy Child of Bethlehem descend on us we pray

Crossed out our sin and enter in, Be born in us today

We hear the Christmas Angels, their great glad tidings tell

Oh Come to us, Abide with us, Our Lord Emmanuel

Oh Come to us, Abide with us, Our Lord Emmanuel

Oh come to us, Abide with us, Our Lord Emmanuel



vocal – Christie Cook

guitar – Steve Devries

violin – Jennifer Dalmas

© 2011

What Child Is This


What child is this, who laid to rest

On Mary’s lap is sleeping

Whom angels greet with anthems sweet

While shepherds watch are keeping




This, this is Christ the King

Whom shepherds guard and angels sing,

Haste, haste, to bring Him laud,

The babe, the Son of Mary



Why lies He is such mean estate

Where ox and ass are feeding

Good Christian, fear for sinners here

The silent Word is pleading

So bring Him incense, gold and myrrh,

Come peasant king, to own Him,

The King of Kings salvation brings;

Let loving hearts enthrone Him



vocals, guitar – Christie Cook

violin – Lydia Elseth

violin – Brenda Josephsen

percussion – Justin Romack

flute – Christina Guenther

mandolin – Kevin Carter

bass, guitar – Jim Taylor

© 2011



Already There

When I started reading the bible for the first time, a dear friend told me to start with John’s gospel. I read the first page over and over because for the first time I understood that Jesus was God incarnate:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. John 1:1-3

He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God to those who believe in His Name.John 1:10 – 12

But He didn’t just come to earth and leave us “orphans”, John 14:18

He promised:
“Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of age”. Matthew 28:20

As I pondered this verse, I realized that there really should be no room in my life for fear of any kind because of our Lord’s constant presence and power. Before I awake and when I sleep, my Lord is always there. 

Another thought came to my mind when I was writing this song. After Jesus was resurrected, the disciples were fishing and caught nothing. Jesus called out to them as He was cooking breakfast over a small fire. Peter, thinking that was indeed the Lord, dove in the water and swam as fast as He could to shore.

I imagine both the physical and spiritual needs of the disciples being met that morning as they ate that breakfast prepared by the Lord, and warmed themselves by the fire that He built for them. I also picture them leaning on each and every Word of Truth spoken by Him in those few treasured and invaluable moments. Jesus has built a fire each and everyone of us. He desires to not only meet our basic needs, like He did that morning with the disciples, but also to guide us and comfort us. We just have to recognize Him like Peter did, and get to Him as fast as we can with a repentant and surrendering heart.


When the wandering light

Of the stars subside

Before I open my eyes

My Lord is there, already there

John’s gospel floods my mind

Before the beginning ,

Before time began,

The Word was with God

Then the Word that formed

The heavens and earth

Came through Christ to save us


I drank from the well, whose waters ran dry

I searched far for the bread of life

Where was the Shepherd who looked after His sheep?

He was building a fire for me

It warmed me from my head to my toes

To the very depth of my soul

Lamp to my feet, light to my path

I am no longer cold, where’ere I am, where’ere I go

What am I He loves me so?

Blessed be to the Lord, who only does wondrous things


When the wandering light of the stars subside

Before I open my eyes, My Lord is there, already there

And I know there’s no room for fear

My Lord is there, He’s already there

And I know there’s no room for fear


piano and vocal – Christie Cook

cello – Max Dyer

© 2011

One Sock Blues

I tend to do a pretty good job keeping the home in order, but when it
comes to keeping matched socks neatly paired in my sock drawer,
I really fall short. It seems that after every laundry job, I have 3 – 4
single socks that don’t have a match. With great consternation,
I put them in the “single sock basket” in my closet thinking that the
lost ones will sooner or later miraculously show up,
and the reunion will be oh so sweet.


When I go to my sock drawer I get the one sock blues

Every time I go to my sock drawer I stay confused

All different sizes and colors, none of em match

And thats the truth


I got ankle highs and knee highs some are new and some are ripped

Polyester, cotton, some that are hip

I got purple ones and red one, black and brown too

But if you can’ t find a pair what good does it do

Everytime I go to my sock drawer

I get the one sock blues


I decided to call Sears Kenmore, tell em what I thought

What’d ya put a monster in my dryer, it’s eatin my socks

It was to no avail I had extended warranty

You see I never got to talk to a real human being

They said this call may be monitored and to better serve you

To make it even better we’ve installed a menu

Press 1 for Store Location, 2 for Computor Support

3 for Home Improvement, 4 for Credit Cards

5 for Billing Questions, 6 for Repair

So I pressed the last button and 3 more from there

That extension is busy

To repeat press one or you could visit www. Sears. Com.


Waste not, want not, what do ya do with one sock?

Sounds kinda dumb but you can do a lot

You can make a little puppetstick some eyes and nose on it

Or you can stuff it with potpourri and stick it in your closet

But there’s one thing you must not ever ever do

Don t give it to Goodwill, cause your just spreadin the blues


So when I go to my sock drawer I still get the blues

Cause every time I go to my sock drawer, I see the same hue

Cause I finally went to Walmart and I bought

All blue blue blue, now I know what to do


vocal – Christie Cook
piano – Steve Nelson
guitar and harmonica – Steve Devries
drums – Steven Pate
bass – Jim Taylor

© 2011

Hope Of God

In loving memory of Ila Nadine Coble, January 8th, 2011

Ila Coble

Ila Nadine Coble is a precious little four year old girl whose time on
earth was too fleeting. Yet, the memory of her will forever be imprinted
in the hearts of not only her parents, Dean and Theresa Coble, her big
brother, Ivan, and extended family, but all those who had the privilege
to meet this flamboyant, carefree, strong willed,
yet very sensitive and loving child


I see you trembling, I hear your pain,

I wish so much I could tame or explain these

Holy Fires of God

Through Tender Mercies, we’re not consumed

A friend can only remind you of the

Tender Heart of God



In every perfect storm, His Hope is born, (an anchor for your soul

It seems beyond your reach, way beyond your strength

So He lays it at your feet)   (omit 2nd time)

Oh Step into, Let Him carry you, Oh Step into

The Hope of God


Your heart is broken, your faith is strong

There is a longing that nothing can fill but the

Love of God

He is our Portion, He is our Strength

He turns affliction and pain from

Glory to Glory, Glory



So Gather the Angels Ila Nadine

Sing pretty songs of all that’s unseen

Songs of Renewal, Faith, Hope, and Peace

Oh Glory

Paint pretty pictures of Saints and their Crowns

Of Jesus and Angels that fly upside down

Gather Heaven all around you

Have them taste your stone soup



Paint pretty pictures Ila Nadine

Of Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green

From heaven to earth floating down

Tender Mercies, Tender Mercies, Tender Mercies


music and lyrics – Christie Cook
vocals and piano – Christie Cook
cello – Max Dyer
percussion – Ray Dillard
mixed and mastered – Jim Taylor and Christie Cook

© 2011


Christie Cook is a singer/songwriter and recording artist whose passion is to communicate spiritual truth to others through her music. A talented lyrical storyteller, her music is refreshing because she addresses the human spirit not in the narrow sense of cliches and stick figures, but as an artist whose eye captures the true color of life. Released in 2013, Every Good Thing, was recorded in Nashville with producer Mitch Dane, who brings out her best in this light acoustic and non-cluttered production of songs. At the heart of her music the listener senses a maturity and passion of one who has actively searched out and has come to truly know God. The result is a deep message in her music that is as clear as Christie’s convictions, and as transparent as the truth she has come to know.

With her latest album Dia Maith (“God is Good”) released in 2015, Christie makes a departure from her original Christian songs to deliver an instrumental collection of celtic hymns and lively tunes; she is accompanied by friend and violin professor, Jennifer Dalmas. The fiddle guitar project features inviting arrangements to please listeners of any age. Highlights include the mischievous, fiddle-centric “Handsome Young Maidens, Mug of Brown Ale,” the beautifully reverent “Be Thou My Vision,” and a grassy, downright joyful working of “amazing Grace.” The latter, featuring guest western swing fiddler Kevin Carter, pulls listeners from a pensive, tender start to a lively and rewarding end.

Christie presently performs her music at church, Christian retreats, and conferences. She resides in Nacogdoches, Texas with her husband Stan and her daughter Chloe. Her daughter Morgan and her husband Erik, live and work in the Dallas area.


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